For some properties, especially those that sit below street level, it’s difficult to solve drainage problems with correct driveway placement and slope alone.

Driveway drains may be needed in some instances to prevent water build up and flooding. Stone Art UK can help design and install the best drainage solution for your driveway.

Why do I need Drainage on my driveway?

By replacing the natural ground with an impermeable surface (such as a tarmac or block paving driveway), large amounts of rain water have nowhere to go which increases the risk of flooding. The water can’t soak into the ground as it would have done previously, if the driveway can't be built at an angle to enable the water to run into the road drainage system you may find your driveway collecting puddles of water causing numerous problems, including flooding in extreme cases.

Trench Drain Solutions

Trench drains are a popular solution for Driveways across the UK and can be installed where the driveway meets the garage. Trench Drains are long and narrow and usually run the entire width of the driveway. They are then covered by a grate (available in a range of colours and materials to suit your driveway) to keep it free of debris that could clog the drainage pipe. Decorative grates are available for trench drains that can be used as a unique design element.


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Odelia Zucker

Martin from StoneArt Ltd gave good advice about a small concrete section and did a great job moving hedges to create more space and advising on the final look of the hedges in that section. Arrived early and did the work efficiently.


Martin and his brother were very professional. The job was done quickly and efficiently to a high standard. I will work with them again one day.


Martin and his team have done a sublime job for me, his attention to detail was superb. I’d like to thank Martin and his team for creating me such a wonderful outdoor area/patio. I look forward to doing business with them in the near future.


Martin and his team were very professional and keen to take a job which some other contractors considered too small. They’ve created an attractive walled bed in my front garden which I’m looking forward to planting up. Work was completed promptly and to a high standard.

Michael Horsley

I would once again like to thank Martin and his workers for completing and redesigning my driveway in such an efficient and cost-effective manner his attention to detail is extravagant thanks again.